Sunday, January 23, 2011

There she goes...

Sadly, today is the day I bid farewell to my best friend in Boise!

It's a sad day for me, but an exciting day for Tana, who is moving to the big city of Minneapolis to be with her fiance' who got a great gig as a morning reporter for WCCO radio.

Tana is the only person in the City of Trees who I can count on to go skiing with me every weekend... who likes to have girl/wine/movie nights, play beer league softball, and who I can count on to just be there when I need her.

The good news about her move, is the fact that she is going to Minneapolis, where a lot of my friends from back home are now living. It makes it easy to visit them all in one trip, rather than trying to budget time and money to travel all across the country... I'll be there in no time to visit! And soon after that, I'll be in Ohio when she marries the man of her dreams!

So here's to Tana, and to Edgar! Good luck in the move, and I know you'll do great things in the Twin Cities! Until I see you again...

I'm sorry... as I was looking for a picture of Tana and I 'cheersing' with our beers on the ski mountain, I found this and had to post it. She's going to be SO mad at me! LOVE YOU TANA!!!!


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